By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - July 10, 2017

Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of Weekend in Review! Ok, that was corny but whatever. So, it’s Monday and you know I have talk about my weekend because I live a fabulously exciting life (not really). Here’s what happened with me:

I guess you could say my weekend really started on Thursday since I worked from home on Friday. I left work feeling pretty good since we had plans and tickets for an early screening to see Spiderman: Homecoming. I have not written my review for this movie yet, but I will say that it is the BEST Spiderman movie to date for so many reason. My son has been dying to see this movie for months so when early tickets came available, I hopped on them and almost bought an entire row. Naturally, his BFF Ryland was there and they had a great time. We also struggled Friday morning because we didn’t get out of the movie until after midnight but it was worth it, just seeing the joy on his face.

The kiddo and his BFF

My dip ingredients
After struggling to get up Friday morning, I was out the door early getting the kids off to daycare so that I could get a mile in at the park before my meeting. After finishing my quick walk, I made it home just in time for my meeting only to discover that it was cancelled.  I knocked out some other work before a discovery call with a potential new client – which went really well. Since Hubby was home on Friday as well, we both worked and talked about how we’re going to take over the world before picking up the boys late that afternoon. I also made a bomb spinach and artichoke dip that I will share the recipe for later. Unfortunately, my husband threw his back out before I was heading out to my friend Kat’s house to help setup for her daughter’s birthday party the next day. Once he was settled, the boys and I set up to Kat’s for party prepping.

While the kids entertained themselves, Kat, her mom and I got to work on party stuff. We blew up balloons (30!), baked cookies and made goodie bags. The highlight of the evening were the #strugglecookies LOL. So, the party was a PJ Mask theme, with Owlette being the main character. Kat has this fantastic idea of baking Owlette shaped cookies with red icing. Perfect! The cookies were perfect but the icing process was a debacle. I wish I would have blamed it on wine but nah, it just sucked! Those cookies started out ok and went downhill from there. It got to a point where I was breaking them and trying to “ice” them back together. By the time it was all said and done, there was NO WAY we were going to serve them the next day. Needless to say, I ate about 5 of them on my way home. They tasted great but looked a hot mess LOL

The struggle cookies. I'll stick to cakes and pies.
After getting the kids home and in bed, I passed out shortly after making pasta salad and baked beans for the party.

I was up bright and early so that I could my beans into the oven and finish the pasta. I think I’m ok cook but, I can cook the heck of baked beans and Greek pasta salad. So much I impress myself! After hubby left for his shoot, I cleaned the house and got the boys and I ready for the party. We actually left two hours ahead of time since I needed to pick up face paint and some racks and were right on schedule until we hit epic schedule traffic coming through downtown. But we still made it there and had a blast. I even did face painting and the kids loved it! Note to self: be prepared to paint faces ALL day. These girls had their demands on designs but most settled for ladybugs. The most unique one all day were the cupcakes.

I did pretty good with the lady bugs.
After leaving the party, my kids were still amped up and excited but I knew as soon as they got baths, eat and were put in the bed, they would pass out and lo behold, it happened just that way. I managed to stay up for a few more hours before finally passing out around 1am.

I had no intention of getting up early but I was up by 7:30 and spent that time cleaning the kitchen and cooking a big breakfast for the family. We pretty much spent the day lounging around until I took my oldest to swim practice. He did such a fantastic job at swim practice. I’ve had him in the water since he was about 10 months old, as a matter of fact, we spend every birthday of his at the pool. I’ve also been teaching him to swim over the years so that teacher was pretty impressed by his lack of fear of the water. He did such a great job that he was diving for rings and managed to get two on his own. So proud of that kid!
My little fish!
 After class he asked for chili so off to Wendy’s we went. We came home, showered and lounged the rest of the day. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, in my house took a nap around 3pm. I didn’t wake up until 6 and I have no idea when the boys woke up. Either way, the rest of the day has been spent watching movies and writing.

How was your weekend?

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