Show Recap: Married At First Sight

By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - July 10, 2017

It’s time for a show recap of my favorite series, “Married at First Sight”. This week, the couples finally get to the meet the other couples and it seems everyone has their own struggles.

I really think it was a great idea to bring them together. Sharing their individual stories could somehow help each of them differently, so let’s recap on what happened.

Danielle and Cody
Danielle and Cody
I’m pretty sure these two aren’t going to make it. I don’t know what the deal is with Danielle but she can’t keep friend-zoning Cody. He has tried everything to win this girl over and she keeps up this song and dance about him not being aggressive enough. Ok, sweetheart, what does that mean? I honestly don’t think she knows what she wants and that she isn’t attracted to him. So instead of saying that, she keeps up this dance. Just end the marriage now and walk away. It doesn’t help that Cody is basically saying he’s sexually frustrated in their relationship. I don’t believe in rushing into the physical part of a relationship – especially with a stranger – but they have absolutely not chemistry or “heat” between them. I think everyone was taken aback when Cody revealed at the couples’ meet-up that they weren’t intimate yet. That was also the time in which the couples decided to separate so the men and women could talk individually.

Ashley and Anthony
Anthony and Ashley
I am feeling Anthony’s pain about Ashley. I do think they are a great fit but Ashley’s self-confidence is going to continue to irk Anthony unless she gets over it and herself. Case in point, bean bag playing. She was totally out of line for being so worried about if she sucked or not. He’s your husband. You guys are doing something together. Just have fun and let go. I also realize that this is a trait about her that he is going to have to work on. I do feel like I sense some frustration in him and based on previews of next week’s episode, I think it’s all coming a head. I really want them to work but I really want her to let go. Don’t get me started on the last name thing. Sigh. I’m all for being progressive, but I also respect his stance on wanting her to take it. Perhaps the compromise could be to hyphenate, but then she dropped the bomb that even her kids would have her last name I was like, whoa. Now for that, I can’t side with you on Ashley. That’s kind of a slap in the face to your husband (because you know, you married him). And kids. I think they would both be great parents but I’m with Anthony on waiting. Wait until you know this person for a while before having kids. She just married him and wants to be pregnant. How about two years from now? I’m still rooting for them but I want Ashley to calm down and Anthony to keep stepping up.

Nate and Shelia
Nate and Shelia
I love these two but they frustrate me, particularly Shelia. Now, I feel Shelia on her strength and assertiveness, you can’t keep shutting down when Nate wants to talk. I commend him on pushing through and wanting to talk things out. Shelia could at least try to hear him out. She’s so worried about them filming them that she forgets that she is married to this man. The whole reason for the cameras is to show everyone that marriage is WORK, not to just expose you. I really wish she could see beyond that and stop letting past relationships impact her current one. Nate does not seem like someone who is all willy nilly about life. He is 1000% committed to marriage and the idea of marriage and it’s a bit of a slap in the face to assume that he would ask his wife to live in a garage (shade thrown). Anyway, some days I’m Team Nate and Shelia, other days I’m Team Nate. I just really hope Shelia comes to her own terms about 

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