By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - June 26, 2017

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! Here's my #weekendinreview

Friday felt a bit chaotic for me, though I think it was just me being all in my head. First off, the weather was absolutely beautiful. I didn't get a chance to snap a picture because I missed my morning walk due to an early morning conference call but oh well. I was a bit stressed out on Friday because I had so much work to get done before I could really start my weekend so was head down for most of the day. I left home about 3:45 to pick up the boys from daycare and then get home to make pasta salad for the BBQ on Saturday. I also managed to check out a few apartments for my brother-in-law and his wife since they are going to be relocating up here in the next few months. Yay! I was totally drained by 8pm so I called it an early night around 9:00pm - which is so rare for me because I NEVER go to bed early on a Friday night.

Saturday morning started out with all kinds of plans. The weather was awful - lots of rain, thunderstorms, etc. Hubby was off at a business meeting for most of the day (gotta love a man that works hard) so the boys and I hit the streets in the yucky weather to run some errands. First stop was Lowes for lightbulbs for the patio.

My neighborhood Lowes.

Let there be light.

I also picked up a set of blinds because the little one keeps tearing them up. I really want to invest in plantation shutter blinds on all the windows but right now we are just trying to make it out of the toddler years before investing in home upgrades.

Blinds for the win and super affordable
 Hubby and I have been wanting to redesign our closet since right before out wedding so we always take a look at closet organizing systems to see what's what. I think we're both finally realizing what we want and can hopefully add that to the list for 2018.

Organizing system

Once we made it back home and the kiddos were settled, I whipped up my famous greek pasta and baked beans for the party. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the salad (waaahhh!), but I did snap the baked beans, which received rave reviews from everyone at the party.

Baking away in the oven
We headed out for the party at a decent time but ran into some bad weather that delayed us but it didn't matter. We made it safely and had a blast with friends. Here are a few pictures of the food because I refuse to post any pictures of parents having way too much fun. All I will say is everyone was very lively, drinks for flowing and there were lots of arguments about basketball and football fantasy leagues LOL

 Have you ever had a Slap Sauce? OMG this stuff was good. It's a mustard-vinegar sauce that you can use for a number of things. I will have to do a review on this stuff because we fell in love with it at the party.
 It went perfect on top of brats fresh off the grill with caramelized onions. So freaking good!

 My friend, Kat, has a home garden and everything is growing so well. Don't these look amazing? All freshly picked too.
The highlight of the evening, next to the ribs that made you want to slap your mama, were "the mommy juice" mixes Kat came up with. Geez y'all, these were so good. I'm pretty sure I mixed bourbon and vodka that night but it was worth it. Every drink was so fruity and refreshing. 

 She also introduced us to Deep Eddy's which was amazing. This was the grapefruit flavor and it is now on my list of items to keep stock. Do be warned though: this drink will sneak up on you. Which is probably why the picture below be describes my Sunday.

I pretty much spent Sunday nursing a hangover. Listen, when you get a babysitter and can hang out with your spouse without the kids, you will go hard too. Nonetheless, I still managed to get out and run some grocery errands and then head out to the movies to see "Transformer: The Last Knight" with Hubby and our oldest.

All-in-all, it was a good weekend. How was yours?

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