By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - September 11, 2017

Hi there! I hope you had a great weekend despite Hurricane Irma pounding the East Coast. You guys stay safe and prepared. Storms are unpredictable so who knows what will happen. Here’s my recap:

Hurricane Irma had everyone in Georgia in a tizzy because the weather predictions were showing her heading straight our way. To ire on the side of caution, I pick up some extra groceries and a case of water. Ironically enough, water was pretty much sold out everywhere and I do believe we were the only ones with a shopping cart of regular groceries instead of storm preparations LOL Friday night was spent relaxing and monitoring the news. I also baked some cookies because a craving for them.

By the way, did you peep the moon on Friday night? It was huge and orange.

The kiddo got a new haircut (that I’m loving!) and he was looking pretty sharp!

My youngest one was up bright and early so we went out to do more grocery shopping while Hubby rested. My husband has been working on a huge website project for the last few months, working late every day and over the weekend to get it done. It’s finally catching up with him and he needed some rest. The little guy and I had a great mommy-son shopping trip and came back home to cook breakfast for the rest of the sleepyheads. Since I was hosting Bad Moms Night at my house, I took an early afternoon nap before the ladies arrived. The night’s theme was pajamas so we lounged around in pjs, ate an amazing Cobb salad and sipped Cosmos while gossiping and laughing.

The kids had an array of pizzas, chips and juice boxes to enjoy while we moms caught up. I love these nights because they are so simple, fun and laid-back. We do them as often as we can since babysitters are far and few between. Later that night, Hubby and I got out for a mini-date night to see the remake of IT. I still screamed and yelled during this movie like I did with the original, and my hatred of clowns still remains. *shivers*

I slept in a bit on Sunday before Hubby left for his video shoot. I guess I had some sleep to catch up on as well because I didn’t up until 8:30. Immediately started cooking the rest of Sunday dinner since my brother-in-law and his wife were coming over. On the menu was: collard greens, baked chicken, rice, macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs, and cornbread. I don’t normally throw down like this except once a month. This food is so rich and good that you will pass out afterwards. My sister-in-law spent time catching up while the kids played. I love that they live here now; next up is getting my in-laws to move up here. Fingers crossed!

My weekend was pretty good. Hurricane Irma is supposed to come through Georgia starting some time late tonight/early morning so I will be sleeping light to continue monitoring the situation.   

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