By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - September 07, 2017

Every now and then someone comes up with idea to necessary, so cool that you know this person has to be (in the words of my day), "living in South Florida like a baller."

I would like to introduce you to the BabyDam. Good ol' Facebook had this pop up in my timeline and my mind was blown.

Image via Amazon

WHERE WAS THIS THING TWO YEARS AGO?! My youngest one is almost 3 and I could have used this when I first transitioned him from a baby tub into the regular tub. Right now he has a blow up duck that sits in but prior to that we used the Blooming Flower.

When you think about it, the BabyDam is pretty genius. Moms can now actually sit in the tub with the kiddos instead of leaning over the side of it. Do you know how many back and knee problems that causes?? Well, I'm here to tell you that I will definitely be testing this out when I have my next kid because this is too cool.

Unfortunately, this device does not work with all tubs. My master bath has a garden/jacuzzi tub but the hall bath has a standard size one. Let me know if you get it and try it out.

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