Pregnancy in Your 30s vs 20s

By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - September 21, 2017

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I am mom to two awesome boys (9 and almost 3). They are energy personified; constantly in motion, and will run you ragged in the span of 20 minutes. We love them dearly and they bring such joy to our lives in ways that words that can’t explain. Getting pregnant with our first son was easy, though unplanned, but it happened. The pregnancy was without any complications and the delivery was pretty smooth (despite a C-section).

Getting pregnant with Son #2 was a totally different experience. The biggest differences between both pregnancies (besides one being full-term and the other being a preemie born at 34 weeks) is my age. You see, I was pregnant with son #1 in my 20s and son #2 in my 30s. I’m here to tell you that pregnancy in your 30s is totally different than your 20s. Here’s been my experience:

Morning sickness is intense
I know morning sickness is rough for pretty much anyone but as I’ve “matured” it seems my morning sickness became all-day sickness. As a 30-something mommy, remember that your tummy can’t handle everything like it did when you were in 20s…be gentle.

Stretch marks are likely

I’m going to keep it real – by the time we’re in our 30s, we may have packed on a few extra pounds that refuse to go anywhere. Because of this, we may find ourselves with *gasp * stretch marks. Our skin loses some elasticity as we age and well, our bellies do too. Don’t beat yourself up too much, you’ve earned those “stripes” while growing and bringing life into the world. Be proud of them.

Yeast infections are a-plenty

Prior to second pregnancy, I had never had a yeast infection. I was one of the few to get away unscathed and boy was I lucky. My first (and so far, only) yeast infection happened during the middle of my pregnancy. Oh em gee! You hear about the itching and burning but I was not prepared. Thankfully, my doctor said over-the-counter stuff was safe and I immediately purchased it for relief. Keep this stuff handy because you might find yourself with multiple ones.

The “snapback” isn't always quick

In my 20s, my body snapped back pretty well. I did manage to tack on 15 pounds that didn’t leave but it didn’t hurt my body. In fact, I felt beautiful and full. With baby #2, that “snapback” is still a work-in-progress 2 years later. Between balancing multiple kids, a career, a marriage, life, and a house, working out isn’t as much of a priority as it should be. The weight loss journey has been a slow and steady process and I’m ok with that!

As I continue to prepare myself for pregnancy with baby #3, I’m also keeping it real with myself that each experience, each pregnancy is different. We can't determine how our bodies will respond while we are growing miracles in our bellies, but we can do our best to continue nurturing the physical, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves in the meantime. Don’t be afraid to be a mama in your 30s; embrace it and love all parts of you!

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