Cutting the Cable Cord

By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - September 14, 2017

We finally did it. We finally cut the cord – the cable cord that is. For years we’ve been toying
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with the idea of dropping our hefty internet/phone/cable bill but never really made the leap because it didn’t seem possible. Since technology (and customer complaints) have advanced, the cable companies have caught on and changed the game.

When you’re paying practically a car note for your cable bill, you start to re-evaluate some things in your life. Can I move money from this account to this one to cover the cost? Did we go over our data limit again this month? Did the kids actually buy $60 worth of movies?! All these questions started to sound more like daily mantras in our household and we were sick of it. So, what did we do? We switched to a totally internet-based household.

We finally found a provider that doesn’t cap our data usage, dropped cable and the phone completely and now stream tv using apps on our devices. It has literally lifted a huge load (and bill) off of our shoulders. We rarely watch tv during the week, opting to record shows and then binge watch on the weekends. The kids only watch Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel; I watch a few regular channels; and Hubby is all about sports. It didn’t make much sense have over 100 channels that aren’t watched.

Was it an adjustment? Definitely. Where you were once able to randomly flip through channels when bored, you find yourself loading up your Netflix list with shows you want to watch. I can’t say that we feel we are missing out on much since we are still able to stream regular tv, but it certainly relieves the financial pressure of the bill and worries about data overages.

Cutting the cable cord is liberating, scary, and quite frankly, nerve-wrecking. Between cancelling one provider, setting up appointments, billing cycles – it’s a headache…but totally worth it.

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