Dinner at 7: Lox and Eggs

By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - September 10, 2017

I'm a busy mom and I have no shame in prepping a quick meal for my family on any given night. I LOVE breakfast for dinner and I decided I would do an oldie but goodie: Lox and eggs. My husband was introduced to lox and cream cheese during our Hilton Head vacation (how have I known this man all these years and not known that he's never had lox??) so I did my own spin on it for dinner.

It's quite a simple recipe:

I toasted some plain bagels in the oven at 350. I could have used a toaster but I like my bagels super crispy for this. After the bagels toasted, I spread salmon flavored cream cheese on each end. Some people prefer plain cream cheese, I think the salmon adds a little extra flavor. Then, I start layering. On top of the cream cheese is a handful of capers for the saltiness, followed by a thinly sliced tomato layer, topped with a couple of red onion rings and some smoked salmon pieces.

Is your mouth watering yet? No. Ok....

To top it off, I had some mixed greens because you need your greens in there. Finally, I hit it with a little more capers because I love their tanginess.

To round it out, I fried one egg into a mini, cheesy omelette. Y'all, this meal was so good that we had it twice in a row.

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