What's Your Type?

By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - January 26, 2018

Today while perusing one of my favorite sites for reading, I came across this really cool article where the author takes a screenshot of his iPad at the start of the year and the end of the year.

Of course I thought this was the coolest thing ever and decided to join in with my phone, doing it at the top of the year and again at the end of the year. Here’s a screenshot of my iPhone:

Phone Type
We’re an Apple only household so of course I would have the iPhoneX.

Organizational Method
I am a stickler about organization. I can’t stand a bunch of loose apps outside of folders so I combine mine into folders. To be honest with you, I can’t stand a bunch of folders either but as a business owner, I need all of these apps to run my business from my phone at a moment’s notice.

Categories are a must for me. I have some pretty obvious ones (health, editing, entertainment, social, games) and then some where I’m not quite sure what to do with them (extras and stuff). One of these days I’ll go through them and purge but lucky for me, there isn’t much stuff on my phone that I don’t use.

Quick Items
In my dock area, I keep the items I use the most: email, WhatsApp, iMessage and the phone. I probably should add my camera too because I use that…A LOT. I hate to see unread notifications on my phone (e.g., unread emails, voice messages) so they will be gone immediately. 


My current background is some random flower I found. I’m really into purple at the moment and this fits the motif. Shrugs* there really is no rhyme or reason LOL

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