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By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - January 09, 2018

You can't do goals without doing some goals that focus on your home. My house is about 10 years old now and it's time to start doing some upgrades and repairs to it. In the last year, we have purchased a brand new A/C system, had the roof and gutters repaired, had renovations done to the baby's room, and painted my bedroom and my oldest's room.

I'm pretty happy with where things are but you know me, I always keep an eye on the horizon and my horizon is with fully tricking my house out.

When you're married to an IT guy, please believe your house will rival Best Buy on any given day. We are an Apple-Samsung-Sony family. Trust me, you won't find a PC thing up in here. No sir. Hubby says NO to PCs. LOL I digress...

For 2018, I'm hoping that our budgets will allow us the opportunity to do some much needed work to both the exterior and interior of the house. I don't expect to complete everything, but I do want to at least have a plan (and budget!) outlined for each item.

Here are our home goals:

I'm so over carpet. We probably should have switched it out for hardwoods about 3 years ago but it's never too late to get started. That will probably be the first thing I tackle, while simultaneously having the interior repainted back to all white.

Last year, my husband became obsessed with minimalist living so we spent about 3 months doing some serious purging and what we were left with was a lot of open space and no clutter. You would be amazed how much "stuff" you just hold on to. We called the garage service to come pick every last bit of it up and we washed our hands off it. We recently purged our closet before the new year, and man we do we feel more at ease.

We started our road to a Smart Home about 4 years ago and recently integrated the smart lights in the house that are voice activated (told you I'm married to Best Buy's love child). We are going to trick this place out to the vision we have in mind.

I'm sure I'm leaving a few things out but this is a starting point. I'll definitely do a mid-year check-in to see how we're progressing.

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