School's In!

By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - August 25, 2018

Hey guys! I know it's been...oh...ALL SUMMER since my last blog post but life has been busy busy busy! In a good way, I assure you. I'll do another post where I catch you up on all of the stuff we did (or didn't do) this summer but for now, let's talk about school!

Mommy's fifth grader
I am officially the mom of a 5th grade who is now enrolled in public school. Yes, you read that correctly. We decided to pursue and explore public school this school year. Kobi (not his real name but his initials) told us early this year that he wanted to try "real school". I think a combination of growing up and knowing that his friends are all at the same place inspired my little social butterfly to want to try something new.

You guys know how I feel about homeschooling, but we are pretty progressive about letting our kids have a voice and opinion about what they feel is the best decision for them. Make no mistake - we are still the parent and make the decision, however, we do feel that should be included and have a voice. Thus, here we are 1 month into the new school year and boy, has it been an adventure!

One thing that's for sure is the Kobi is thriving and growing and challenging himself and the norms. Hubby and I are so proud of our kiddo. He is making tons of friends (honestly, he's like my dad - there isn't a stranger he doesn't know), he's discovered a love of math (who knew!), and he's finding his tribe amongst his new friends at school. And his teacher...OMG! Kobi's teacher, Mrs. Walden, is the most amazing, magical thing that could have happened to public school. She is loving, honest, fun, energetic and LOVES teaching. She is really loves teaching, y'all.

I met with her recently to walk through how he should organize his notebook and to see how he's progressing and the report she gave was awesome. She is so excited about school and loves to have kids tackle things outside of the box. I came home in tears after that meeting. I told my husband that I'm glad we fought as hard as we did to keep him her class because she's worth it. I can go on and on about how wonderful things are going, but we are one month down and many more to go. One that I know for certain is that this kid is going to end the school year in a great place and ready for the next adventure.

Kobi and his best friend, R - friends since they were 3 years old!

And not to let him not be included in this too, my little munchkin is now in Pre-K! He has a late birthday (November) so he still has another year of daycare but that's ok. We had to celebrate his first day of school as well. I love my babies!

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