By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - May 29, 2017

Thank God it's Monday. I never thought I would utter those words but since it's a holiday, it seems appropriate. First and foremost, Happy Memorial Day. Today is the day we honor those who fought and lost their lives for our freedom. Thank you for your service. #neverforget.

My weekend has been a busy one (as usual) so let's recap on all of it while I sip this water and relax:

My little cousin, Nia, graduated from high on Friday - in the top 10% of her class mind you. I've
pretty much been saying this every weekend since but I am so proud of these kids. They are doing amazing things and setting such good examples of the younger generation (i.e., my kids and cousins). She is on to college in the fall (I can't remember if its Spelman or Valdosta) but she wants to be a veterinarian. Congrats Nia!

I borrowed this picture from her mom's Facebook page.

The first half of Saturday was relaxing. We lounged around the house in pajamas all day. I cooked a big breakfast, took two naps, the kids destroyed the house and Hubby and I caught up on Scandal (omg, was that season finale not crazy?!). Later that evening, we headed down to Healy Point Country Club to continue the graduation celebration for all of the graduates in the family. My Aunt Cynthia did a great job planning and organizing the event. I didn't realize until that moment how many kids in the family graduated this year or headed off to do amazing things. Sheesh! The joys of a big family. There are tons of pictures from the night but here are a few to share:
Caught my mom and brother dancing
Me and some of my cousins

My brother and I playing with Snapchat filters

Gotta love Snapchat

Family Fun

A quick video

We rolled in some time after 1:30am that night and pass out. Any time my family gets together is a great and this party was no exception.

I think everyone slept in Sunday morning since we knew we had another event to go to that afternoon: Jazz in the Courtyard. Each summer, the Douglass Theater in Macon does live jazz music on the courtyard. The Douglass Theater is a historic theater that has hosted (and jump started) the careers of James Brown, Little Richard and Otis Redding, to name a few. My family are members and patrons of the theater so we always attend this event. Nothing like sitting under the stars sipping wine and listening to jazz.

I made an ice cream stop on the way. I love Baskin Robins.

In the courtyard of the Douglass Theater

My family rolls deep!
 After the theater, the party continued at my uncle and aunt's house where I got stuck supervising a late night basketball game that my 2 year old was playing in (I know LOL) and then later he treated us to a concert on my uncle's piano. It was more like him banging and singing ABC's but it was a concert nonetheless.
An 11:00pm basketball game, why not?

Baby Mozart at work
 We eventually rolled in some time around 1:30 am (are you seeing a trend here?) with two kids passed out and a car full of stuff. It was still a great time but boy did I sleep in. And now I'm planning to ignore all the group texts from family asking what the plans for today are because I'm not leaving home!

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