By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - April 05, 2017

It's #womencrushwednesday! This is my day of the week where I celebrate and highlight amazing women doing amazing things not only in fitness but in the world. Today's #wcw is Massy Arias. 

I remember Massy when she was MankoFit on Instagram. She was a woman living the life in New York and starting to get into fitness. She started with yoga and eventually explored other areas of fitness and is now personal trainer and fitness consultant in sunny LA. She's also a wife, a mother, and friend who understands the delicate balance it takes to be a working woman of today. 

She has such a genuineness to her that is rare today and is all about empowering women. I truly admire this woman and her candidness about herself and life. Be sure to follow and like her on social media:

Instagram: @massy.arias
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manko.fit
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mankofit

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