By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - April 02, 2017

Welcome to Walk.Run.Repeat! This is my personal (yet public) blog about my journey to a healthier me.

So why did I start this journey? Well, my husband and I are parents to two wonderful and energetic boys and definitely want to expand our family more with another child. Between both boys, I’ve gained about 40 pounds too much that I need to go before having another baby. What better way of increasing my fertility odds and having a healthy pregnancy than to improve my overall health?

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The other reason I decided to do this is I was tired of being fat. There I said it. I AM tired of being fat. The other day someone congratulated me on a non-existent pregnancy and I finally said enough was a enough. I finally took a hard long look at myself and admitted that my feelings were hurt and it was time to do something about it. And thus, he we are. 

And finally, I am doing this for me. I’ve always been a confident person (and still am!) but the extra weight has made me self-conscious and almost embarrassed at times. I could sit around and mope and comfort myself with food but instead, I am choosing to do something about it and it all starts here.

With that said, welcome to this unfiltered peek into my journey to a healthier me!

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