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By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - April 30, 2017

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own*

As a mother, I need shoes that are sturdy, functional and stylish all at the time. A few years ago, while pregnant with my first son, I discovered this awesome Sketchers sneakers that were just that. Plus they were perfect for my swelling feet and ankles at the end of my pregnancy. Since then, I have bought the exact same pair every year...until this year. 

I recently discovered that my favorite shoe received a revamp and is now known as the Sketcher GoStep Lite - Endure

Image courtesy of Walk.Run.Repeat.
 These shoes are super light, and so comfortable. I love the little details that make shoes functional. For example, they have a new "quick fit" feature that is a hole for you to loop your finger through and pull your shoes on quickly. MINDBLOWING!!
Image courtesy of Walk.Run.Repeat.
 They also have laces that don't ever have to be tied. How is this, you ask? They're actually elastic so they stretch and snap back into place once the shoe is on.
Image courtesy of Walk.Run.Repeat.
 And finally, they are black so they pretty much go with anything. I wear these to the store, around the house, while running errands; even while out on the town. These are literally my go-to sneakers these days. I bought my pair at Academy Sports down in Newnan and I haven't looked back since!
Image courtesy of Walk.Run.Repeat.

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