By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - August 04, 2017

Hey there, Folks! It’s been a minute but school started back the other day and my life is slowly going to get back to normal in the next week or so. Boy, do I have much to share so let’s hop right to it.

With school right around the corner, my girlfriend Angela and I took our sons to Six Flags for one last bash before school started. My brothers – the best uncles in the world – joined us for the day and
we had the absolute best time ever. It’s memories like these that I cherish – my son hanging with his BFF at an amusement park. We spent the entire day there and “the odds were ever in our favor” because the sun was nowhere to be found. In fact, it was scheduled to rain but we managed to hit and ride every ride we wanted to. By the time we left the park, everyone was in need of some food and a shower. It was a great day had by all. If I’ve learned anything about Six Flags this year, it’s that a season pass is worth the investment.

While most people were sleeping in, I was up bright and early to attend the Southeast Homeschool Expo at Cobb Galleria. I’ve been meaning to attend this event for the last two years, but every year, something would come up and I would miss it. But not this year; I wasn’t going to let anything stop me and I’m glad I didn’t. What an amazing event! If you are a teacher, a homeschooling parent, a tutor, etc – this expo is for you. Not only did I get to speak directly with some of the vendors but I also sat in on math and spelling demos. Ya’ll, I learned so much that day. If I ever questioned or wondered if homeschooling was for us, this solidified it. The other thing I loved about the event was how many parents of color were in attendance. There are more families homeschooling than we think, but there is still a lot of work to be done on educating people on what it means to homeschool. Anyway, it was great and I can’t wait to do a deep dive on why we chose to homeschool and what the future looks like.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Jason of Ben the Rooster and can’t wait to share some great info with you about Jason (and Ben!) for the upcoming holiday season.


After a busy day at the Expo, all I wanted to do on Sunday was sleep but that was out of the question because the kiddo had his Level 1 swim test and we couldn’t miss that. My dad joined us as we watched him practice everything he’s learned so far with back and stomach floating, proper swimming technique and diving. He was too scared to jump off the diving board and pretty bummed with himself about it, but I reminded him that its ok and at least he tried. When it was all said, and done, he passed the level and is now on to Level 2. I spent the rest of Sunday afternoon taking a 4 (!) hour nap and woke up just in time to cook dinner and get ready for Game of Thrones. Can I just say the meeting of Jon Snow and Dany has been the highlight for me? I can’t wait until everyone is reunited.

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