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By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - October 29, 2018

Hey guys!

Man, this week was one for the books. Not only was I SUPER busy every day, I do mean, but, your girl signed a new client this week! Yay! It's funny how this happened. Well, is but it isn't. A current client of mine and I started to ramp our work together back up and she mentioned that she had a client referral for me. I already knew my plate was full but then I remembered a friend of mine who is building up her business and I thought, she would be perfect for her. I reached out to my friend to tell her about it but I could not get in touch with her. Unfortunately this client wanted to move fast and so, she signed with it. I kinda felt bad but at the same time, if I have learned anything, this business moves fast. So, yeah, new client.

Where I spend most of my days - in the car doing work in front of the school

I hate math! 
On the family front, all things are are well. Kids are good, school is good. Hubby is good. Wait, kids are good, but Big Little is struggling with division. Sigh. I'm not mad at him, I totally get it. I reached out to his teacher for help and she suggested I come for an afterschool session with her and Big Little so she could "teach me" how to "teach him". Man, did that make a huge difference. I'm telling you - a great teacher makes a WORLD of difference.

Little Little is still fighting the good potty training fight. This kid - over the course of two months, mind you - has managed to pee in a hamper, two BeyBlade stadiums and my dining room chair. *rubs temples* I just don't get it. We were doing so good with potty training and now he's pissing everywhere. I'm like, dude!!! I'm not giving up though. No sir!

Hubby has been crazy busy with his job and his businesses. I love being married to someone who grinds as much, if not more than me but I would like to see him every now and then LOL. Luckily, we have a big family vacation coming up in three weeks and I will have him all to myself! Woohoo!

This weekend was so much fun. I missed my own homecoming last weekend at THE Fort Valley State University so there was no way I was going to miss homecoming at Morehouse College when we were playing Fort Valley. As you know, Morehouse and FVSU are family schools for us so we make it a point to show up and show out. Even two of my line sisters came through.
My A1s since Day 1!
The next several weeks are going to bananas because I have a ton of things to get in place before I head out of my family vacation. Luckily, I have timed this around the Thanksgiving holiday break so it won't interfere with the school schedule and most people will be gone the whole week. Nonetheless, I am so geeked out this trip! I have been talking about going back to Disney since our last trip before our wedding and that was 5 years ago! It's time and let me tell you, it will be on!

 As I mentally start to prepare for this weekend, I decided to give myself a few affirmations or positive reminders:

  1. You got this. 
  2. Some times silence is the best and loudest response. 
  3. Think quick and speak slow. 
  4. No means "not right now". 

Until next time,

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