2018 Reflections

By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - January 05, 2019

I stopped everything I was doing to sit down and write this post because I needed to get this out, so here we go....

2018 was...interesting to say the least. I can't say it was the best year ever but I can't say it was the worst. If anything, it was the year of revelation. The year a lot of things were revealed to me about various aspects of my life. For example,

- take a leap of faith. Taking a leap of faith and leaving the corporate world (both by choice and not by choice) was the best decision ever for my family. It afforded me more time with kids, more time nurturing my home and our relationships. I feel closer than ever to them.

- feed your marriage, feed your soul. Spending more time on my marriage made me fall in love more with my husband. I don't talk alot about this wonderful man I married but one day I will tell our story (and baby, a story it will be!) but I couldn't be half of who I am today if it weren't for his constant faith, encouragement and support. His man loves on me physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. THAT is what you need.

- money won't fix everything. Just because you make more money, doesn't mean it will fix all of your problems. All money isn't good money and sometimes you have to turn down a client or a deal or an risk in order to keep your sanity.

- I can do this. I was TERRIFIED of striking out on my own and I am every.single.day. But, I realized that I can do this. I can make it happen. Sure some bills may fall behind, and some days run into nights and run into other days, but I'm doing it. Slowly, but surely.

- health is wealth. I am not spending enough time managing my physical, mental and emotional health. Sure I try, but am I consistent? Heck no! I can't help others if I'm not helping me.

- find your happy place. My family vacation and even going to the grocery story with my family is my happy place. In fact, anything that I do with just my family is my happy place. They are what keeps me grounded. Once you find your happy place, feed it. Take care it. Go there whenever you want it.

- sleep is crucial. I'm pretty sure I have high blood pressure (I haven't been officially diagnosed but I think I do) and it is a result of not enough sleep and stress. I need more sleep and damnit, I'm going to get it. 

- turning off is ok. I felt so guilty on days I didn't do anything and that by the time I realized I needed a break, I had worn myself down to the bone.

- friends make the world go round. My friend Naomi wrote this wonderful post about her reflection of 2018 and she talked about the passing our dear friend Nikki, which caught all of us by surprise. But out of the sadness came a rekinkled sisterhood and friendship that was started falling apart years ago. But you know what we did? We didn't ask what went wrong, we didn't dwell on past - we hugged each other, said we were going to get through this and we are doing that. Together. As sisters.

So, 2018, it was real, but in 2019 I'm going to face my shortcomings (though I hope they are fewer than before) and come out of the other side renewed. Cheers!

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