By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - October 09, 2017

Happy Monday! I’m trying to make sure I do a better job about blogging the night before instead of waiting until the last minute.

Friday was like any other Friday. I spent most of the day on the phone with the insurance company. I may have mentioned in another post but we had some roof damage as a result of Hurricane Irma and it has caused some leaks in the ceilings in my baby’s room. It has been a nightmare dealing with the insurance company, and we have pretty much decided that we are going to switch back to our previous provider once we get our repairs done. 
After that whole debacle that took most of my day, it was all but too happy when my friend Angela called and told me to meet her at O’Charleys with the boys. It’s become our end of week celebration since the boys eat for free and we can pretty much spend our time catching up and enjoying mommy juice (aka cocktails).

Saturday was filled with grocery errands and lots of cleaning around the house. I finished decorating for Halloween and now I need to stockpile candy. I’m actually considering waiting until the day of Halloween and then going out to get candy since it will be dirt cheap. Am I wrong? LOL

Saturday was also the day my nephew came over to spend the night. It’s been great having them here. He pretty much spends every weekend over at the house running around with his cousins – my sons – and having fun. He’s 12 and in sixth grade so he loves to tell me about all the school gossip as if I’m in 6th grade. Dude, I know I look young but I’m not that young LOL


Sunday was a lazy day. I spent most of the day in the kitchen meal prepping for my husband and cooking Sunday dinner. 

I have been craving short ribs and decided to attempt my own dry rub. My friend Kat has made the most amazing ribs twice this summer and I was trying to make a rub similar to hers. It was close but it not close enough. Either way, the food was great. I did some pasta in butter sauce with parsley and some mixed veggies.  The highlight of the meal was dessert: sweet potato pie.

I have had a bag of sweet potatoes in the fridge for almost two weeks and couldn’t decide what to do with them. I thought I had enough for just two pies but turns out, it was actually 4. I honestly thought my husband was going to slip in his own drool when he got home that evening. He did exclaim, “Are those PIES in the oven?!” when he walked in the kitchen.

The rest of the evening was spent catching up with him and helping him plan for his 5-day business trip to LA at the end of the month. He’s doing some amazing things and even has some meetings setup with the folks at YouTube eeek! Super excited and proud of him.

So, how was your weekend?

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