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By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - November 27, 2017

Hey there, Readers! Remember me? I used to blog consistently and life happened and I went ghost? haha! That's the life of a blogger/mommy/small business owner.

I'll spare you the excuses and pretty much catch you up an all that been happening my life in the last four weeks since I posted. Let's go...


The kiddos at homecoming
My family has been busy. My youngest turned three and this whole other personality came with it. His vocabulary has expanded, his energy is at an all time high, and oh yeah, the temper tantrums are at their peak. Y'all.  If the Terrible Twos are a thing, so are the Troublesome Threes. Good grief. This
kid has epic temper tantrums and meltdowns. Of course this isn't my first rodeo and I have steel resolve, but Lord, will he try your patience. Nonetheless, I'm pulling out all the mommy tricks with this one and they seem to slowly but surely be working. Fingers crossed!

My other kiddo is doing quite well. Homeschooling is going great, although finding a good rhythm has its challenges with my business growing. One of my newest clients requires a bit more hands-on support than I anticipated, which has cut into our homeschooling time. Nonetheless, it's time recalibrate and get it together. With the holiday season in full effect, I'm not stressing too bad about it because the top of the year will see an uptick in our school plans.

Hubby is doing great these days. Work is keeping him busy but so is his business. You know, it's so great to be married to someone who shares the same drive and ambition. We find ourselves up late, burning the midnight oil but we're doing it together. Makes this journey even more meaningful, ya know? Speaking of business...


My business has seen an uptick in activity. I've taken on two new clients (yay!) and may be expanding into several more if things go well. I'm definitely thinking about scalability, as my mentor calls it, so the top of the year will see some strategic planning on my end. I plan to take the last two weeks of the year off to focus on just that.

As my clientele has grown, so has my realization of what I offer. You know, I pride myself on my ability to be flexible and adaptable. I went from starting a business consulting business to basically doing that and so much more. At least count, I have 6 active clients. And listen, it ain't no cake walk. I work well into the tonight and spend my days in front of my computer too. But, I do it all on my own accord.

In addition to my business, I'm still teaching and the semester is winding down which means tons of grading and prep for the next semester. I selected new textbooks for my classes so I will be spend Christmas break reading them and setting up my syllabus for the semester. Ugh! But you know what? Almost 5 years in, and I love teaching. Seriously.

So, this makes me giggle. I have totally sucked on the health front. I was supposed to have 25 pounds by now and I keep losing and gaining back the same 5. I'm just not consistent. I have a gym membership I'm paying for and I rarely pay it visit these days. I really need to change that and I'm making that a commitment starting Monday (today). Hubby wants to slowly transition into a vegetarian lifestyle at the top of the year and we are spending December weaning ourselves from stuff. Pray for me...I have a weakness from good ol' fashion fried chicken. LOL

There are so many other things going on with me that I can share but who wants to dwell in the past? Tomorrow is a new day and I want to cease it and more.

How are things with you?

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