By Monique of Walk.Run.Repeat - October 01, 2017

Fall is officially here and this picture pretty much speaks to how I'm feeling. I would love to curl up with some hot tea and a good book right about now. Instead, I'm sitting at my computer trying to avoid the mountain of papers on my desk that I need to tackle today. But, alas, let's talk about my weekend...

In typical Friday fashion, I rushed through the day because I was super geeked about the night. My sister-in-law, Christine, my friend Angela and I, as well as our 4 sons, all ventured down to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Georgia State Fair. This was my first time visiting the fair here and I had hear nothing but good things about it. I have to admit that I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. I suppose after attending the National State Fair down in Perry for years, this was a little a carnival to me. The kids had a blast and enjoyed spending all of our money, but I think I'll stick to the National Fair from now on. Here are some pictures:

Everyone was exhausted Saturday morning but I decided to get up and get an early start on my day which mean grocery shopping! My mom tried to convince me to spend the day out shopping with her, but I said no way! Shopping with my mom is an all-day adventure that ends with you spending way more money than you had planned to and not getting home until sometime late that night. Seriously. I have to mentally and physically prepare myself to spend the entire day out and with the boys in tow, nonetheless. After some grocery shopping, I decided to take advantage of the nice weather start pulling out my decorations for Halloween. I LOVE Halloween. It's my favorite holiday next to Christmas. I'm slowly adding decorations around the house since I host a Kids Halloween party each year.

The mantle in my dining room is slowing coming together.

This little table sits near the front door. I found my BOO sign for $4 at Joanna's before it went out of business out here. I wrote my scary words on the mirror with lipstick. 

I decided to go pick up a few more things so the boys and I headed out to At Home to see what they had in store. Can you believe that they were already starting to convert to the store to Christmas stuff? That's wild! While looking at decorations, we ran across an upside down Christmas. Now, how cool is that?!

I can't wait to start decorating for Xmas on Thanksgiving Day. It's a tradition in our family that goes back YEARS! This year, we're going to buy a new tree for my oldest son. When the little guy was born, my baby shower was a Winter Wonderland theme since he was due on Christmas.

Sunday was another lazy day as usual with lots of tv and laying around. I have no complaints about my Sundays - EVER.

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